Elegant Villa



Elegant Villa is ideal for big families or large group of friends who wish to enjoy their holidays in comfort and luxury. This spacious Villa consisted of four double bedrooms designed to offer ultimum relaxation. There are four bathrooms, one with indoor bathtub jacuzzi, two steam baths with rain showers and a shower bath. The three living rooms with 5 sofa beds and two kitchens are equipped with all modern luxuries. In Elegant Villa's spacious open terraces flows the resuscitative Aegean breeze and in the two private swimming pools (50m2 & 32m2) as well as in villa's outdoor jacuzzi you can relax and enjoy the beautiful sun along with the astonishing Aegean sea view.


Elegant's villa white and open colours, its fluid forms and curves create an harmonious and relaxed environment perfect to calm your mind. The small water pond related straight to one of the bedrooms is designed to offer you an extra feeling of tranquility and contact with natural elements.
The Elegant villa can accommodate 8 adults plus 5 children.

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