Organic farming - Wine & Olive tasting

  • Summer homemade delicacies

At Naxian Collection we are growing our own fruit and vegetables from local and family-owned organic farms, using natural and traditional methods. Our guests are able to experience aspects of the farming process first-hand, through the producing of our own homemade delicacies, such as marmalades, jams, sweets, sauces and many more.

  • September - wine feast

Naxos is the sacred island of god Dionysus, the god of wine and in Naxian Collection we are very proud to produce our own wine using traditional methods. For us, winemaking is a feast and an opportunity to meet and celebrate with our friends, drinking wine and eating local specialties based on grapes and wine. Guests are very welcome to participate in winemaking and celebrate with us, so they can experience the authentic Greek agricultural life.

  • October - olive feast

In Greece olive trees are supposed to be blessed and they definitely are the protagonist of Greek nature such as olive oil is the protagonist of Greek diet.

At Naxian Collection guests have the opportunity to visit our very own olive grove and every October they can even watch or participate in the procedure of making our extra virgin olive oil. Furthermore, they can either participate in making aromatic olive oil, using herbs such as rosemary, basil, mint, which all are growing inside Naxian Collection surrounding or they can watch the traditional, natural procedure of preserving olives using salt and vinegar.


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